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The stylish Turin frame is an ideal choice for any room in a home or office, combining comfort and style. So good you may have to have a second look!

This frame is made from Polcore Moulding ,
Polcore mouldings have a constant, clean finish and are easy to cut and join leaving a seamless finish , light weight. The Turin range comes in 5 colours and 27 sizes


The Wall Mounted features means you can place the frame anywhere for landscape or portrait display.


Insert and change your images quickly and easily.


The display window keeps pictures and certificates safe from day-to-day wear and tear.


Product Features

Polcore Moulding, Glass / styrene window, Back Board, Hangers

Width 20mm

Hight  16mm

Rebate 9mm 



Manufactured in the heart of the East Midland using UK sourced Materials. Making our frames beautiful and affordable.

Turin Range (polcore)

PriceFrom £1.85
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